To Healthiness... AND BEYOND!!

An anon journal/tumblr/diary to record my weight loss journey, and make sure it is my LAST Weight loss journey.

SW: 240, CW: 234, GW1: 229 UGW: 140

First Goal; Finally reached!

I don’t know how long it took but I have reached my first goal of going below 230.

Now, I’m aiming for below 220!


Death to staying up

I used to be the individual who could stay up for hours doing who knows what. But now I feel tired in the evenings and that makes it hard to do homework and stuff.

Most nights I’ll get home at 6 and by the time I make dinner and clean up its already 8. I still have homework and so much other things to do. I was tired by 11 last night. I took a nap until 12 and got back up, did my homework and fell back asleep.

I think I’m going to try napping during the day..

What do people think about naps? I know they’re good for you (30minute ones in the day. Its been proven!)


I know it has been awhile, lone people who follow me on this tumblr!!

However; I bring news! I’ve started using two new websites with a great deal of friends; fitocracy and myfitnesspal! No longer shall I go “WHAT WHY AM I DOING THIS” now I have friends to do it with and we are all attempting to lose weight together!!

I’m an attention whore; I like people knowing what I’m doing and when I’m doing it. Problllleeemm issssss Whenever I say “YEAH I’M DIETING/EXERCISING” It just ends up being me going “MEH” and not really doing it.

Today I started doing the simple strength workouts and tomorrow will include cardio and walking and all this fun stuff.


A plan

Hey whoever follows me!

I’ve got a little plan to follow now and I got it from my friend. She’s lost 87 pounds since September and she looks fabulous.

She told me what helped her out the most was exercising for an hour a day, riding her bike everywhere, she used her wii for exercise and arranging her world for success.

She also told me what to and not to eat, well, she told me what she did, really. She didnt/doesn’t eat any junk. No candy, cookies, pizza, fast food, alcohol, nothin. She eats a lot of veggies and eats breakfast every morning.

I’m taking her way of doing things and I’m going to give it a try.

My wii is going to be set up tonight! Hoorah for beginning things and new motivations!

I like to make my food look pretty pretty.


So, I’ve been bad…

Remember when I said “Yeah def gonna start working out now!” Well I haven’t.

I really should. I’m just 3 pounds away from my goal weight and I need to start exercising or at least doing Yoga at home. (This I need to do regardless, holy shit can you say tight hips?? I used to be able to bend like a slinky!)

So this is what I will be doing every day now, forcing myself to stretch as much as I can. Legs, knees, arms, shoulders, hips, fingers, toes, ankles, everything.

But my food intake is VERY good. I know my stomach size is smaller, I get fuller quicker and can’t eat as much as I did. Good things are good.

Well, I’m done with work now and have loads of laundry to do and cleaning. Gotta go catch that bus!


Feeling Accomplished

So, this last week school began and I began my regular day to day schedule.

Wow is it a relief. Many people will say it is nerve racking and stressful, for me it is structure. When I have things to do I feel so much more at ease. Sure I get bitchy about classes and the work but having structure in my day with work and school makes me stay on my toes.

I make sure my bag is filled with fruits galore. I packed a lunch for myself yesterday and I didn’t buy ANY junk from school. This entire week I haven’t bought any junk-food. 

My friend was staying with me and she brought really healthy snacks from home. We had mini chewy bars, those freeze dried fruits, whole wheat breads, and she made from scratch banana bread. 

I have felt myself satisfied as well as content. Those little things have helped me stay strong and diligent in keeping myself healthy. 

Tuesday night I made orange honey glazed duck thighs for her and I. We have a large salad, tomato brown rice (tomato puree/paste in the water and just boiled the brownrice to its right consistency) and the duck. 

Yesterday, as you saw, we had an almost entirely vegetable diet. Spaghetti squash instead of pasta with boiled spinach and fresh tomatoes and a pink sauce. Not a super heavy cream sauce, not an all tomato based sauce. 

At work my snacks consist of fruits and simple snacks, every morning I have oats and frozen fruit cooked in vanilla almond milk instead of water so I don’t have to put sugar in. I’m going to switch off with eggs/egg whites and spinach+tomatoes to keep my breakfast varied.

Now that I feel confident in my eating habits I can begin my meditation and yoga, and then include spinning a few times a week. 

I got this >:U!!

Dinnner! Spaghetti squash with a pink sauce!
Nomnomnom new favorite!

Workplace Bullshit (cont)

While my Arrival DLC downloads for my Mass Effect 2 game I thought I would finish my rant about my office.

I already wrote about the individual who complains about weight and money and eats insane amounts of food.

Let me tell you about the other person I work with, who is a Type 2 Diabetic and also does not take care of herself.

She isn’t AS bad. She’s knowledgeable about her disease and takes necessary measures to keep herself save and out of a diabetic coma. I like her, for the most part and she helps me out when I’m frustrated with school; she makes me laugh and tells me the ins and outs of the administrative portions of most of the departments.

She does however, not try hard enough to keep herself healthier than she is. She is diabetic, which means she should be getting regular check ups to make sure nothing is wrong with her charts and her sugar levels. She hadn’t gone to see a doctor in SIX YEARS, and just last semester decided to go and see one. Her blood sugar was through the roof. THROUGH THE ROOF (she said something like 350). It was so bad the doctor made her sign up for nutrition classes and counseling to make sure she understood how to eat! She doesn’t try hard enough to eat a variety of foods to ensure her blood sugar stays within normal ranges and eats a lot of processed junks. She’s extremely careful to make sure foods do not have added sugars before she eats them, which is great. I just wish she would cut out the super uber processed peanut butter and go for something different. Or if she would stop eating pasta all the time and red meats. She dislikes a great deal of vegetables but tends to put them into the foods she eats. I’m just worried about her, and I feel like I shouldn’t say anything because I’m younger than she is and I’m sure if I try to tell her to change her diet she’ll just put it off because I’m young, what do I know?

I know I’m overweight and I seem like I eat unhealthily but I probably have a healthier body than most people. I keep refined sugars away from my body and processed carbs out of my diet, I’ve done research to understand the effects of each vitamin, mineral, cooking process, additive and food to the body. I wish I could help her just get rid of her diabetes.

The food isn’t the only problem of the workplace either.

It seems that everyone hates each other. It doesn’t help that the majority of the people who interact with each other are women. Women are cut throat in the office. It’s really frightening once you experience it first hand. In my section the office, we are all women. There are two men who work in the whole of the office, but they handle tech and website management, so we rarely talk to them. Last year when I just had gotten my job, I had a different ‘boss’ than I do now. She’s the biggest, meanest bitch in the entire office, and I don’t say this lightly. The person who works in the spot I do now, she agrees with me. We often have little exchanges of ‘wtf’ and ‘omg’ faces when we are working together and something happens. It is horrific. The woman I talked about in my last post, and the one I talked about above, both hate another woman in the office who handles classroom maintenance. These two will come into my cubicle (well.. my shared cubicle) and complain and whisper and curse at the woman and it’s like “OMFG I’M RIGHT HERE!!” Don’t make me listen to that! I don’t share the same hatred as you! I happen to like her!

I hear and experience so much hate in that office that it makes my headspin. I have so much dirt on everyone from what the others have told me that if I say them all down and talked to them, and told them all what the others had said there would be a disaster. I can’t wait until I graduate and leave the office where I wont have to deal with the office bullshit and drama.

It fuckin’ sucks.